Continuing Effects of COVID-19 and Other Events (UPDATED APRIL 21)


New COVID-Related Difficulties

We find ourselves having to make a further "unpleasant" update to our advice in relation to imports of goods. Although we had expected to be experiencing logistics and cost improvements by now, the current reality is quite the opposite. On a daily basis sea freighting of goods - our main import method - is becoming more difficult and more expensive.

We urge all our customers to talk to us on an urgent basis about their requirements for the rest of the year.

If we don't get the chance to talk to you now, we may not be able to meet all of your requirements later in the year. Sorry to sound heavy-handed about all this, but we are more concerned than ever about the import difficulties we are facing.

Pricing Strategy

Please talk to us early about your critical requirements. We are doing our best to supply at the pricing displayed on our website (with your discounts applied), however there are too many prices to keep things completely up-to-date, considering the current very fluid buying environment.


Be assured we are doing our best to look after your budgets in these very challenging times.


With Regards

Sales Team