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Delivering Quality

Pure Science Ltd is ISO 9001:2015 Certified by Telarc SAI Limited, we aim to deliver reliable and consistent products and services.

Fair Pricing

Our pricing gives all buyers a fair deal, where we pass on logistic economies generated by your ordering patterns.

Prompt Deliveries

We despatch stock items promptly, and process our imports immediately to ensure we can give you realistic delivery timelines.

Thinking Outside the Box

We work hard to think outside the box, to bring you inventive solutions to meet your requirements, however obscure.

New Products

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  1. Euparal, for microscopy
    Euparal, for microscopy - 25g
    Contact for Price
  2. Hydrogen peroxide 30%  Ph. Eur.
    Hydrogen peroxide 30% Ph. Eur. - 1L
  3. Iron (III) nitrate 9-hydrate  AR
    Iron (III) nitrate 9-hydrate AR - 250g
  4. Copper (II) nitrate 3-hydrate  AR
    Copper (II) nitrate 3-hydrate AR - 250g