About Us

Pure Science Ltd is a New Zealand-based supplier of laboratory and industrial products, servicing customers in New Zealand, Australia and the Asia/Pacific region. We hold extensive stocks in our various warehouses, and offer efficient indent for non-stock items. Our aim is to offer either a price, stock/delivery or quality advantage on every product we sell, and often we can offer more than one of these advantages for the same item.

Our primary targets are to provide genuinely good service and real value for money. We aim to offer a worthwhile alternative for those who can't get what they need from the "click-and-buy" companies that mainly populate the scientific industry.

About Our Prices

The prices shown on our website are indicative only. The prices that apply to each transaction are determined after logging into your account or after advice from our office.

Overseas Customers

We ship our products to most countries - please inquire with us about which products are available in your country. Click here to see our contact details.

All our prices, in whatever format they are recorded, are subject to change without notice.

Quality Management System

Pure Science Ltd operates a quality management system that meets ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our management system has been assessed and recognised by New Zealand’s most recognised and longest established certification body, Telarc Limited.

With this certification, customers can be confident that Pure Science Ltd is committed to maintaining the highest quality of service, while ensuring customers' requirements are met. If you would like a copy of our certificate, please contact us.

Community Support

At Pure Science we have a policy of not operating schemes which give personal “rewards” to buyers for making purchasing decisions in our favour. We don’t offer promotions or incentives that involve bottles of wine, hampers of goods, or the like. It is our opinion that people will make buying decisions in our favour if we offer products and services that are genuinely attractive, and we don’t want to muddy the waters of sound decision making with personal incentives.

However we do believe in things like “Christmas cheer” and corporate contribution to the community.

We therefore have a policy of making donations to charitable causes at various times during the year. In the past Pure Science has made donations to: Salvation Army Christmas Appeal, Wellington Free Ambulance, Child Fund NZ and others.

Do you have a favourite charity, either local or overseas?

If so, why don’t you ring or email us and ask us to include your favourite charity in our next round of donations? To have a say you don’t have to be a purchasing officer, or an actual user of our products – you just have to be on the staff of one of our account-holding customers.

All charitable donations that we make are done in the name of the management, staff and customers of Pure Science Ltd.