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Carl Roth GmbH SKU: N1087846-1
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ROTI®GelStain 20 000x conc., ready-to-use

ROTI®GelStain is a versatile staining reagent for detection of all nucleic acids in agarose and polyacrylamide gels.

Green fluorescence
Alternative for ethidium bromide, non-toxic and non-mutagenic
For dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA
Sensitivity comparable to ethidium bromide (approx. 0.3 ng / band)
For use with common broad-band ethidium bromide photo filters
Excitation via UV light (302 nm) and blue light (490 nm)
Compatible with all usual down-stream applications

The dye can be used in a similar manner as ethidium bromide. By adding the dye to the liquid gel, the nucleic acids are stained during the gel run.

ROTI®GelStain has a sensitivity of 0.2 ng/band and is thus even slightly more sensitive than ethidium bromide.
When bound to nucleic acids in agarose gels, ROTI®GelStain emits a brightly green fluorescence that may be documented by all usual broadband ethidium bromide or SYBR® Green foto filters.

ROTI®-GelStain is compatible with all standard down-stream applications and has been successfully tested for use with gel extraction, ligation, transformation and transfection.

Amplicons of a mouse genotyping (left), and restriction digested DNA (right), respectively, separated in 2,5 and 1 % agarose ROTI®Garose NEEO with ROTI®GelStain (5 µl / 100 ml agarose). Pictures were taken using standard ethidium bromide photo filters.
With kind permission of Prof. R. Slany, Dept. of Genetics, Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen.

Excitation maximum (bound to DNA): 302 nm (UV) and 490 nm (blue light)
Emission maximum (bound to DNA): 520 nm


UNSPSC CODE 41105322
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