Transfer membrane ROTI®Nylon

Carl Roth GmbH SKU: N1014687-1
Transfer membrane ROTI®Nylon

Transfer membrane ROTI®Nylon

Carl Roth GmbH SKU: N1014687-1
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Ideal for DNA/RNA transfer, particularly for colony- and plaque-lifting, as well as for all multiple rehybridisations.
Especially recommended for Northern-blots.

ROTI®Nylon is a neutral, enhanced Nylon membrane. Based on the material it provides a superior tensile strength and is extremely resistant against alcohol, acetone, and many other organic solvents.

In a buffer pH of 6,5 ROTI®Nylon is uncharged and by means of the surface-standing amino- and carboxy-groups has superior hydrophilic qualities. The charge of the membrane (ζ-potential) may be altered through the pH of the buffer - the membrane is positively charged at pH <6,5 and negatively charged at pH >6,5.
Membrane of particulary high DNA-binding capacity. Available as roll (pore size 0,2 µm) for high-flexible usage, and as disks (pore size 0,45 µm) for colony- and plaque-lifting. May be steam sterilised.
Covalent bondage of transferred nucleic acids is achieved by cross linking (baking for 15 min at 80 °C or UV-cross linking for 20 sec at 260 nm). Due to the excellent signal-to-noise ratio of the membrane, very sensitive detection (single copy-gene detection) and multiple rehybridisation is possible without loosing sensitivity.
Detection systems: radioactivity, chemoluminescence, fluorescence

Application examples:
Southern- and Northern blot
Dot Blot
DNA fingerprinting
colony and plaque lifting
Macro- and Microarrays
Multiple Rehybridisations


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UNSPSC CODE 41105339
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