Chemistry/life sciences calculator Chemcode®

Carl Roth GmbH SKU: N1002836-1
Chemistry/life sciences calculator Chemcode®

Chemistry/life sciences calculator Chemcode®

Carl Roth GmbH SKU: N1002836-1
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From  Peter Barthel & Wilhelm Schmidthals GmbH

L x W x H 136 x 110 x 14 mm

Keyboard with periodic table and numerical keyboard
Buttons for DNA (A, T, G, C) and RNA (A, U, G, C) nucleotides
Two-line display with scroll function
Functions for scientific calculations

Stoichiometric functions
Displays: molar mass, ideal gas volumes, mass to be weighed in g, amount of substance in molesCalculates: molecular formulas, proportion of individual elements or element groups in % or g, mass of substances in g. Converts from molar concentration (mol/l; molarity) into mass concentration (g/l) and vice versa, mass-% into molarity. When diluting, determines the volumes to be input in litres and calculates the amount of substance in mmol when performing titrations.

Molecular biological functions for the PCR®
Displays: protein codes, %-proportion of guanine and cytosine, molar mass of the nucleotide sequence and protein sequence, amount of substance in nmol, optical density, amount of substance in a DNA segment in ng, melting temperature of the oligonucleotide.

Lexical functions:
Conversion between °C, F and Kelvin
Recalls different constants (Avogadro, Faraday, etc.)
Functions for recalling chemical, physical and biological characteristics of elements and other information such as melting point, boiling point, electro-negativity, year of discovery, etc.

Delivery incl. four CR 2025 button cell batteries.


UNSPSC CODE 44101800
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