Gel Filtration Media ROTI®Dex-50 Medium

Carl Roth GmbH SKU: N1099212-1
Gel Filtration Media ROTI®Dex-50 Medium

Gel Filtration Media ROTI®Dex-50 Medium

Carl Roth GmbH SKU: N1099212-1
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ROTI®Dex Medium is a spherical, porous gel filtration medium consisting of dextran cross-linked with epichlorohydrin.

In gel filtration, also called size exclusion chromatography, molecules are separated according to their size in solution. Smaller molecules pass through the column much slower than larger molecules.
In contrast to other chromatography methods, no interactions occur here between the analyte and the stationary phase of the column. This provides the ideal basis for the purification and analysis of intact proteins.

ROTI®Dex enables a form of group separation for the separation of undesired, low-molecular-weight factors such as impurities, salts, excipients, markers, cell debris, etc. from protein or nucleic acid solutions.

Sample preparation in just a few minutes
Desalting, removal of impurities and buffer exchange in a single step
No interaction between analyte and medium
High selectivity, high resolution and high yield (> 95%)
Also suitable for small sample volumes
High chemical stability and therefore compatible with many organic and other solvents

Gel Filtration Media ROTI®Dex is supplied as a dry powder and must be swollen in an aqueous solution before use.
An efficient column packing is essential for a clean separation of biomolecules. Please refer to our recommended protocol in the instructions for use.

Gel Filtration Media ROTI®Dex-50 Medium ROTI®Dex
ROTI®Dex-50 medium is excellent for the separation of proteins >25 kDa and nucleic acids >20 bp. Purified biomolecules are not significantly diluted when processed with ROTI®Dex-50 medium.


CAS NUMBER 9048-71-9
UNSPSC CODE 41115700
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